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Terms and Conditions

-Digital Spectrum provides no warranty or guarantee of any kind when installing a customer system on our servers(QAS or PRD) or when exporting any software to customer platforms. We do tasks on request as a courtesy for customers on an ad hoc retainer basis. The customer assumes all responsibility for all productions issues at all times, whether it be a bug, a testing issue, a configuration issue, an interface issue, etc. We do basic testing, and can do additional testing if a customer requests.  We also are constantly implementing tools that over time can contribute to more stability when implementing new versions of a customer system(like QAS to PRD recon for example). But such tools and improvements are done at our discretion.

-Customers have 100% responsibility for the accuracy and testing of their system(QAS or PRD or during an export to third-party server), to certify that it meets their requirements whether in features or in stability(i.e. bugs) or readiness.

-Digital Spectrum provides only basic testing. We recommend customers setup beta testing groups and make sure they have a power-user in place to manage the testing cycle 100% on their side. We can assist in a limited basis in the testing process for a customer system, but it's the customer's responsbility to manage the testing process. It’s the customer’s decision what and how to test. 

-Digital Spectrum does not offer any kind formal support service of any kind, or any formal application support agreement to any customer. As a courtesy, we assist customers on retainer basis for identified production issues that occur. But we have no responsibility to respond to issues the same day, the next business day, or even the next week or month. However, if customers follow our guidelines and are current on retainer payments, we try to handle issues when possible the same day, the next business day or within a couple business days as time permits. It's been our experience that customers typically do not want to pay for special application support coverage. Not 8-5, and not 24 x 7.

-Customers have 100% control of testing. Customers decide what resources they want to spend on testing on their side.  However as a courtesy, we always look to improve general testing we do, including the future implementation of automated and semi-automated testing tools. If we did advanced,  full-cycle testing, the cost for routine tasks would be several times what it is now and take probably an extra full week or two on each version.

-Retainers are not fixed-cost quotes. The customer guides us and we just work day to day. We update the retainer tasks daily, so the customer can try to judge expected costs.. but we don’t set a fixed price.

-All system maintenance tasks we do are retainer tasks and should be paid for. Bugs, fixes of bugs, fixes of bugs of bugs of bugs.. Everything. We offer a no-charge environment currently on bugs as a courtesy, but it’s at our discretion.
-Programming can often be the easy part. But also understand the idea of 100% bug-free software is a myth.  And customer testing is needed reguardlesss. The real complexity of implementing an IT system is testing and re-testing and then implementing operations management if it reaches a high level of usage in a 24 x 7 environment. It’s important you as the customer decide what testing you want to do, what beta testing group you want, and what risks in production use you want to take with every install.

-Retainers should be prepaid in advance of all work done and are non-refundable.  There is no warranty of any kind for tasks completed. All tasks are done on request by the customer and no warranty is implied.  

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